On-Site Nursing Skills and Simulation Labs

Hands-on experience is a crucial part of your accelerated nursing education, bridging the gap between your online coursework and clinical rotations. Skills and simulation labs give you the opportunity to practice what you’re learning under the guidance of highly supportive instructors — so you walk into clinicals confident and ready to stand alongside practicing nurses and doctors.

Key to preparing for real-life practice are our medical practice manikins. These ultra-realistic simulators not only look real; they can simulate a wide variety of conditions, and even bleed.

Located in Atlanta, our ABSN learning site features state-of-the-art skills and simulation labs, classrooms, and places to study, do homework, and meet up with your instructors and classmates.

Skills Labs

Mercer nursing skills lab

In skills labs, every mistake is a learning opportunity. Here you’ll master essential nursing skills such as:

  • Inserting catheters, IVs, and injections
  • Checking vital signs
  • Conducting physical assessments
  • Treating wounds

High-tech medical manikins, clinical task trainers and advanced hospital equipment ensure you practice in as life-like a setting as possible. And because mastering these skills takes a lot of practice, we encourage students to take advantage of our open lab hours.

Simulation Labs

Mercer nursing simulation lab

Taking the concept of immersive learning a step further are simulation labs, where you’ll rely on everything you’ve learned to apply critical thinking to solve problems and react to sometimes rapidly changing conditions. This could mean anything from identifying an allergic reaction to treatment or diagnosing lung sounds to responding to a sudden cardiac arrest.

From the hospital-like environment and realistic medical manikins to collaborating with your fellow nursing students to deliver the proper care, everything about simulation lab is like the real thing.

Following simulations, you and your cohort will participate in debriefing sessions, discussing what went right, what mistakes were made and how they could have been handled differently. These sessions provide critical insight into not only your own decisions but those of your classmates, allowing you to learn from each other.

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